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Daniel Boone blazed the trail through these mountains on his way to Kentucky in 1759. This opened up the door to European settlement throughout the area, and one of those early settlers was a gentleman by the name of Henry Mock. 


He and his family were on their way to settle in Kentucky but landed in this area due to its breathtaking beauty and abundant resources. He decided to build a house along with a grist mill and sawmill along the banks of Laurel Creek that runs alongside our Lodge (where the Damascus Old Mill Inn and Restaurant are now located). The community of Mock’s MIll had been established.

Are You Ready To Venture Out?

Jewel’s Rest

Jewel’s Rest is fondly named after our owners’ grandmother, who grew up in nearby Taylor’s Valley in a small cabin along the trail.


This beautiful 2 bedroom / 1 bath space features a full kitchen and a private patio.

Our Lodge Sits Right On Main Street In Downtown Damascus. 

The Appalachian

Named after the AT that runs along our front yard fence, this upstairs loft features 2 bedrooms and 1 bath along with a fully stocked kitchenette.


In addition, you will have the entire front porch to yourself! 

Laurel Creek

Named after the meandering creek that runs along the west side of our lodge, this 1 bed and 1 bath space features a queen bed as well as a small kitchen.

The large side porch as well as an outdoor hammock area is all yours!


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